About This Site

More than anything, I want this website to be an expression of my commitment to a creative life — a life built upon pursuing my muse into the mystic realms of…ha ha, just kidding.

The site’s here to promote my work, market my services, blog, share new work and keep me busy enough to drive the cobwebs out of my head. You’ll find links to whatever it is I need to market, updates on works in progress, and a steady stream of random musings about this that and the other thing, including life in London. You’ll also find Susan’s photos scattered throughout the site to set the right mood.

I encourage visitors to contact me and offer feedback, suggestions, criticisms, friendly hellos, bitter goodbyes or whatever it is you want to share. If you need help writing, proofreading or editing something, let me know and we’ll talk business, because this gun’s for hire. Thanks for visiting and please come back often!