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Voodoo Hideaway

My novel Voodoo Hideaway, published by Atmosphere Press, is available at select bookstores in the United States and online at the following vendors and platforms. Just click the link and it will take you right there:


Barnes & Noble

Book Depository



Money, Love and Blood

My short story collection, titled Money, Love and Blood, is available right here:


With One Eye on the Cows

Two of my flash fiction pieces — Black Sky and Five Minus 4 = Uno — are included in the anthology, With One Eye on the Cows: Bath Flash Fiction Volume Four, published by Ad Hoc Fiction. You can purchase copies by clicking here.

Corona Times

My essay entitled The Memory of Here and Now is included in Corona Times: Words from the Pandemic, a collection of poems and essays about life during the coronavirus. The book was published by South African poet Yacoob Manjoo and can be downloaded free of charge by clicking this link.

Restore to Factory Settings

My short story entitled The Whole Bird is included in the anthology Restore to Factory Settings: Bath Flash Fiction Volume Five, published by Ad Hoc Fiction. You can buy copies by clicking here.

Dandelion Years

My flash fiction story, Every Third Wednesday, is included in the anthology Dandelion Years: Bath Flash Fiction Volume Seven, published by Ad Hoc Fiction. You can order it here.