Buy This Book!

Look at you sitting there bored out of your mind, pecking away on your iPhone, or thinking about pecking away on your iPhone, wishing you had a slim, inexpensive volume of very short short stories to dive into for the next couple of hours and keep you entertained beyond your wildest dreams.

Well, how lucky are you? I’ll tell you — very, very lucky! Because it just so happens I published a collection of short stories in 2017 titled “Money, Love and Blood,” available on Amazon at a bargain price by clicking here. The book features 12 ripping good yarns of gripping crime noir, dark humor and angry people. Most of them are quite good! At least 75% of them — and not a fraction less. Still a bargain!

A reviewer from the Writer’s Digest self-published book contest said the anthology offers 12 “distinctive and well-crafted stories” from an author who “brings his eye and ear for good dialogue.” The reviewer gave it an average score of 4.33 out of 5, with scores of 5 on Plot and Story Appeal; Voice and Writing Style; and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. So there’s that.

Anyway, make yourself happy and buy the book. Then tell 23,000 of your closest friends and make them happy, too. Thanks!

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