And Now, A Bit of Publishing News….

Greetings friends, just a quick plug for a new book that features a short story by yours truly…..

The book is an anthology entitled “Restore to Factory Settings: Bath Flash Fiction Volume Five,” published by Ad Hoc Fiction here in the UK.

My short story is “The Whole Bird,” which I wrote back in the spring I guess. It was one of the finalists in the past year’s various Bath Flash Fiction contests, hence its appearance in the book.

“The Whole Bird” is one of 130-odd stories to get selected for publication out of a few thousand submissions. A couple of my stories also were included in last year’s anthology, “With One Eye on the Cows.”

“Restore to Factory Settings” is available from, and from Amazon worldwide in paperback and Kindle editions. Lots of very good, very short (300 words or less) stories in these collections, so if you need any Christmas gift ideas, well, there ya go.

Here is a convenient link for your ordering purposes.

Thanks for your patronage, and Happy Holidays to all.

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