Earth-Shattering, Super-Exciting, Mind-Altering Book News!!!! (Or, News About a Book…)

Hi all, a quick update on some book news….

My novel “Voodoo Hideaway” has found a publisher and should be set for release soon. The publisher is Atmosphere Press out of Austin, Texas, which accepted my manuscript a few months ago. We’ve since been working on some editorial and design things. The final physical proof is on its way to me here in London. It should be available within the next couple of months.

“Voodoo Hideaway” is a noirish, character-driven crime thriller with a sci-fi element. The novel follows Elrod, a homeless man who steps through a mysterious alley door one night and finds himself in an elegant nightclub that shouldn’t be there. Soon enough he’ll learn that he’s a pawn in a money scheme between a shady scientist and a mobster on the lam. Elrod is tipped to the scheme by a jazz musician who’s conspiring with a nightclub singer to get a piece of the action, putting into motion a series of time-bending twists and turns that lead to a gripping finale that will have you glued to the page!!

I began writing the novel in 2017 and completed it a year later. Since then I’ve pitched it around to various publishers and agents, rewritten it a couple of times, and began pitching it again last fall.  I got tipped to Atmosphere Press through Writer’s Digest, which partners with Atmosphere to find new writers and works.

Atmosphere publishes a wide range of fiction and non-fiction, and has a global distribution network that includes Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingrim Content Group, and Adlibris, a Swedish online bookstore. It only accepts submissions that meet certain criteria regarding quality and commercial appeal, so I feel lucky to have my manuscript accepted. My main responsibility was to pay for an editor to go through the manuscript with a fine-toothed comb.

I’ll share more updates as they come available. Stay tuned….


    1. Thanks Yacoob, I was fairly happy with it (after countless revisions). But as a writer yourself, you know how hard it is to judge how readers will actually react. Anyway, it is nice to have a publisher and a chance to see how it does.

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