The Day of the Voodoo

My new book VOODOO HIDEAWAY (Atmosphere Press) is officially out in the world today. For those who haven’t seen the previous promotional blogs here, it’s a noirish crime novel with a sci-fi twist and a good dose of humor. I began writing it in 2017, spent the following years revising and revising and revising and revising it, then found a publisher about a year ago.

Now, to the rest of the PR script I’ve been asked to share….

If you have a moment, please consider posting about the book on social media. Each post has a cumulative effect and can really make an impact. (And thank you if you’ve already been doing this!).

You can also help spread the word by giving the book a star rating on Goodreads or a starred review on Amazon.

If you’d like to buy a copy, it’s available everywhere books are sold. If your local bookstore doesn’t have it on the shelves, you can still order it directly there, or reach your bookstore through the Indiebound site.

Here are some purchase links:


Barnes & Noble

Book Depository

Atmosphere Press


Thank you for being part of this special day!

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