Book News: A Review of “Voodoo Hideaway” on Readers’ Favorite

If you’re getting tired of reading what I have to say about my new novel, “Voodoo Hideaway,” here’s the good news: You can now read what someone else has to say about it.

Below is a review of the book on the Readers’ Favorite website. The site was launched by authors as a way to spread the word about books, since so much of the traditional media has stopped reviewing them.

Readers’ Favorite has a staff of about 1,000 reviewers, and all the big publishing houses submit books there for review — Penguin/Random House, Simon & Schuster, Harper, McGraw, Hachette — as do smaller independent publishers like Atmosphere Press, which published mine.

Anyway, my book got 5 stars! Yippee!

I was excited to learn that, then went on the website and saw that all the books reviewed got 4 or 5 stars, so I contacted our publisher’s PR/promotions person and said, “You know, what gives?”

She told me that only 4- or 5-star books get featured on the website and social media. I suppose they review hundreds of books a year, and they can’t put all of them up there. So I was excited, once again.

You can read the full review by hitting this link. Here are a couple highlights:

“Voodoo Hideaway by Vance Cariaga is a fascinating crime novel with an incredible twist…The author creates and develops some very colorful characters, each of whom gave readers the whole cinematic treatment. I enjoyed the dialogues and the suspense they created…It was a fantastic novel!”

You can buy “Voodoo Hideaway” wherever books are sold, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, and the Atmosphere Press website. You can also order it from your local bookstore.

If you do buy and read it, please leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Some reader reviews are beginning to trickle in. I’d like to get as many as possible, because that really helps the algorithm, which helps sales, which helps me, which helps the world entire.

Here are the links for both:



Thanks, all!

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