World Exclusive! Voodoo Hideaway Review!

Hi all. Here’s a blog that will set new standards for brevity….

My novel “Voodoo Hideaway” has just been reviewed on the website. It got 4 out of 4 stars and some nice praise, so that’s a big old smiley face. Here’s an excerpt from the review:

This was a well-told story in a well-written book that got me wishing there was a sequel. Vance Cariaga’s Voodoo Hideaway was a thrill to my imagination, and it was filled with suspense. The author did an excellent job connecting dots to one central piece that climaxed to an explosive end. He created a good connection between a poor bum living a beggarly life, a senator having a significant say in the city, a wealthy man who amassed his wealth from almost everything illegal, and a scientist who wanted to make it big in life but needed a pawn. He made what didn’t look likely to happen fit into a regular daily occurrence without detracting from the suspense.

The book is showcased on the site’s homepage, at least for now. You can click to the full review here.

More importantly, you can buy “Voodoo Hideaway” at these fine purveyors of the written word:


Barnes & Noble

Book Depository



Thanks! Back with a regular blog manana.

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