There Will Be No Blogging in this Blog

Blogger Too Busy to Write Actual Blog this Week

Instead, He Unveils ORIGINAL Drawings as Part of Recent Foray into Other Creative Endeavor Besides Fiction Writing

All Works of Art are Original! (Certain Exceptions Apply)

Blogger Aims for Noir Comic Vibe
Never Seen Before! (Except by Family — Who “Rave” Over Sublime Talent! Sort Of.)

Here we have an exercise in extreme bravery — me sharing my drawings on the World Wide Web, for all the wide world to see. My Drawing Experience is now almost a year old. I still don’t know what I’m doing. It’s excruciatingly difficult. The lines are unsteady; the dimensions are off. I wonder when I might become more adept at it. But I have made progress, and any progress is good. These are my pencil renditions of drawings I found on the internet. Some I like. Some, less so. Most are meant to convey a noir/crime/comic book vibe, as I continue to bounce around the idea of one day writing a graphic novel. But, I do like these characters. They’re up to no good. You don’t want to anger them. I gave them titles, out of respect. I might have interspersed famous paintings in to mix things up. I can’t remember which artworks are mine and which belong to others…

Double Agent
Stick ‘Em Up
Blue Lives Matter
Local Diner
Tueur à gages
Walk Away Slowly
Kind of Blue
Poker Night
Scattered, Smothered, Covered & Chunked
Asesino Contratado
Holiday in the Sun
Open for Bidnizz
First Day on the Job, Detroit City
A Visit From an Old Friend


    1. Hmmmmm…..I like your way of thinking. 🙂 Wish I could, but gotta earn that money while the kids are still under our care, and right now the work is very steady. Some day, though. I appreciate your kind remarks!


  1. You sir are way more courageous than I. You also have way more drawing talent than I will ever possess. Your family is spot-on when raving about your work. I did pick up the noir comic vibe you were going for. Well done. And now…I’m walking away slowly…

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    1. Thanks so much, I appreciate that! It’s been fun, most of the time. Gives me a chance to sort of unwind and create something, But really difficult. You’d think drawing a simple line would be easy. But nah….

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