A Bit More Writerly News

As mentioned in earlier blog posts, I write fiction as a side gig to my real side gigs, which involve writing for actual money on various websites. Most are business- and personal finance-related and include GoBankingRates.

I’ve also been writing for a new website, called The Business Download, that just launched this week along with a sister site called Garden & Health. The Business Download carries Bloomberg articles as well as original content that veers toward sustainable business practices, green iniatives, craft beer, etc. So far I’ve written about sustainable family farms and ranches, a winery, Google’s carbon-intelligent computing platform, the Paycheck Protection Program and other Very Important Stuff.

This article I wrote takes a look at Microsoft’s new “planetary computer” designed to help conservationists and scientists assess environmental problems and develop solutions. You can easily navigate to other content as well.

Give the site a look and tell your friends. (I’m supposed to help promote it). @GardenandHealth @BizDownload

Thanks again for tuning in.

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